At mid-November, from 11th to 16th 2012, Slobozia Conachi Secondary School gladly welcomed her guests from abroad, 32 teachers and pupils from Spain, Turkey and Poland, reunited in the 1st project meeting from the calendar of mobilities of the Comenius Multilateral Project „ Literacy Skills Development Through Nature Poetry Rediscovery- Indoors and Outdoors”. The major objective of the project, funded by The Lifelong Learning Programmes, is the setting up of a cooperation framework among European schools in order to raise the quality of education processes, based on modern teaching strategies, innovative learning environments and new pedagogical tools for developing literacy skills of secondary pupils.

Invited at the official opening of the meeting project, Mrs. Liana Bucur, school inspector for European projects, pointed out the relevance of the project topic and the complexity of the activities, emphasizing the role of school partnerships in the professional and institutional development of the beneficiaries. She also appreciated the involvement of the entire local community in this project. Indeed,we gladly received the support of numerous parents, of Mayor Ion Neculau and Bishop Ionut Glavan.

The topic of the project, relevant for all partner schools, was a generous opportunity, during the project meeting that our school hosted, for an important exchange of good practices in teaching and learning descriptive texts, and also for dynamic activities for pupils, that envisaged a crosscurricular approach of literacy skills.

The rich agenda of the meeting comprised a seminar dedicated to a comparative analysis of the European education systems represented, and two workshops for teachers, during which the participants identified the similarities and the differences among the policies of development of literacy skills in the participant countries. During the workshops, important aspects of the teaching/learning/evaluation processes were also discussed after the lesson observation sessions in the 3rd day of the meeting.Deputy School Inspector General, Mrs. Diamanta Bulai, accompanied by school inpector for school management, Mrs. Monica-Iuliana Novetschi, underlined the importance of such cooperation meetings at European level, performed in Galati schools, enabling a higher quality level of education and demonstrating openness to practice exchanges in education.

The pupils, organised in mixed groups, in order to facilitate interknowledge and teamwork, performed lecture sessions of poems, representative of their own nations, translated in English, that were later used to create drawings and collages of nature elements, collected during a village sightseeing.

Another important objective of the project meeting was to familiarize pupils with the lifestyle of the Romanian pupils, for which school represents a lot, in order to discover the socio-cultural particular aspects of the participants. The guest-pupils were invited to observe and to get involved in activities performed by teachers, in most of the school subjects we teach in the school.

The project meeting also aimed at consolidating cooperation among project coordinators in order to perform efficient activities for the next two years. Therefore, during the project management sessions, clear responsibilities and deadlines were set for the next meetings, with a special attention to the creation of end products.

After 4 days spent in our school, accompanied by a tempting sun, we set off on a visit of cultural documentation on Prahova Valley, to discover the mystery of a ruler, famous all over the Europe, but,especially, to put face to face landscape images taken from Romanian nature poets and the special poetry of real nature landcapes, touched by a late-autumn. There,”outdoors”, any line pupils read had a special tone, and got new meanings, because pupils and teachers felt closer to one another, collaborators and friends, appreciating the opportunity of cooperation in European education environment.

Project coordinator, Headteacher Lucica Florea Translated version of the article „ Dezvoltarea competentelor de citit-scris” that was published in the magazine „ Scoala Galateana” ( „Galati Teachers’ Magazine”), in January 2013.